The Fraudulent Side of Body Wraps

Many spas advertise body wraps as an effective and safe method for burning body fat or getting fat cells to shrink but in truth, this is impossible. Regardless of the type of wrap used, whether soaked in seaweed, clay, mud, minerals, enzymes, or various herbal remedies, claims such as this are extremely misleading. As a result, a person spends tremendous amount of money and time in anticipation of becoming thinner only to discover no change.

Body Wraps from a Medical Perspective

Body wraps are known by a variety of names to include rubber wraps and sauna wraps, which are all designed to wrap around a person’s waist to help burn off extra fat. Sadly, an individual choosing this route would only walk away feeling a little pampered but no less thinner. No matter how good a body wrap feels, it has been medically proven that the only real method of losing unwanted body fat is with the reduction of calories consumed combined with daily exercise or physical activity.

Sure, getting a body wrap feels great and the environment is peaceful so it makes sense that a person would feel better but as far as losing body fat, it simply does not happen. In fact, various organizations that make claims such as this are actually being fraudulent. For someone to drop weight, tone muscles, and become healthier, a nutritional diet and appropriate exercise program would be essential.

This type of claim has become so serious that recently, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC has begun investigations. Without body wraps having any medical or scientific backing, several companies have already been nailed for telling potential and existing customers that body wraps produce fat loss. In fact, many spas making false claims have had serious action taken against them in the form of steep fines.

Truth about Body Wraps

Now, a number of the natural ingredients and concoctions used for body wraps have been shown beneficial from a health perspective but specific to body wraps and fat loss, the only thing a person would lose is water. A common misconception is that inches lost from a body wrap treatment are from a reduction of fat but fat and inches are two entirely different things.

It would be easy to prove or disprove fat loss or fat cell shrinkage in connection with body wraps. If a spa were to perform composition testing of body fat opposed to using a measuring tape to note loss of inches, an individual would realize immediately that claims losing body fat were false. While someone would have fewer inches after the treatment, the amount of fat would be unchanged. For this reason, spas are more than willing to take a person’s measurements after a body wrap but none offers composition testing of body fat in fear of exposure.

Even with the Federal Trade Commission along with the Attorney General’s Office cracking down on spas throughout the country, these false claims continue. If an individual were to conduct research online for spas claiming fat loss with a body wrap, the results would produce hundreds of possibilities. However, because so many companies know they are currently under the microscope, some have opted to take a different approach by advertising loss of inches opposed to fat.

Although losing inches is likely, the problem is that the loss is merely temporary. Due to the remedies used and the body wrap process itself, fluid from the body is extracted, which provides the reduction of inches. Unfortunately, as a person returns to daily life and resumes normal fluid intake, the inches would increase within a few hours or days to what they were prior to the treatment.

 Sneaky Advertising

Some advertising done by spas is quite sneaky. For instance, a claim might state that with a body wrap, a person could lose 10 inches in a single session. In truth, someone could get a body wrap and walk out measuring 10 inches less overall but it would only be due to water loss, not fat. Although a claim such as this is factual, it too is very misleading in that it references body wraps as being beneficial for fat loss.

Another type of claim discovered is that a person could lose body fat in a single session without changing diet or adding exercise to the daily regimen. In addition to this being untrue, a claim such as this cannot be supported medically or scientifically. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, body wraps regardless of type are not capable of eliminating or shrinking fat cells, period.

As if these claims are not bad enough, several other fraudulent claims are being made. For instance, spas around the country advertise benefits of detoxification in which harmful toxic waste would be eliminated, circulation of the blood would improve, and the skin would become smoother, clear, and tighter. With billions of dollars being spent every year by people looking to regain youth, the number of people that gravitate to companies making these claims is enormous.

Some medical doctors, health and fitness researchers, and the Food and Drug Administration or FDA state claims about body wraps are debatable while a greater number of professionals refer to body wrap claims as being nothing more than pseudoscientific garage, meaning they are not scientifically proven or backed. Then there is another group of experts and government officials concerned about possible health risks due to how quickly a person loses fluid and the amount of fluid lost.

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and other parts of the world have used body wraps for various reasons. One in particular was to improve blood circulation as a way of preventing or breaking up blood clots. As stated earlier, this same claim is still being used by modern day spas but thanks to medical and scientific knowledge, we know this not to be the case.

Sadly, many spas continue to claim body wraps, rubber wraps, and sauna wraps melt away fat, which is not only dishonest and unsupported, but also illegal. A number of online companies have wised up, realizing they are under scrutiny so earlier claims have been craftily reworded. For instance, advertising states that body wraps are used to “target problem areas”, sweat away inches”, or “provide therapeutic heat.” Regardless of the different phrases used, the claims are deceptive and illegal.

 Positive Side of Body Wraps

For someone who works hard or experienced a stressful day, body wraps are beneficial. This type of spa treatment is very relaxing and environment is calm and tranquil. Therefore, from a point of being pampered and having a chance to unwind, body wraps are an excellent spa treatment but them as a way of losing fat is a waste of money and time, not to mention potentially risky.

To enjoy the benefits of body wraps, an individual should find a reputable spa that advertises this treatment as a way to relax and become rejuvenated, nothing more. Even a spa that advertises body wraps as offering a temporary loss of inches would be considered safe. However, an individual should see fraudulent claims as a red flag so that spa could be avoided.

It is important for consumers to remember that even in instances when claims are being made about body wraps that might not be deemed illegal, they are still deceptive. Along with carefully phrased terms, a number of online sites have turned to visual advertising in which a professional model in great physical shape removes a type of body wrap only to reveal a tight and taut stomach. Without doubt, the wrap had nothing to do with her six-pack, only a carefully planned diet and many hours in the gym.

The bottom line is that rather than be scammed a person should look at advertising and avoid spas making claims such as those mentioned. These claims are extremely misleading but downright illegal. By more people learning the truth about body wraps, dishonest companies could be avoided and the FTC and Attorney General’s Office shut them down or at minimum, force them to provide customers with the truth about body wraps.