Looking For Donna Richardsons Body Gospel Reviews?

Body Gospel Reviews 1

Body Gospel Reviews 1

Looking for Body Gospel Reviews? You probably have heard the buzz about Body Gospel by Donna Richardson growing over the last year. This workout has become quite popular around churches through the USA.

In some of the churches, is a congregation-wide event, where they have scheduled classes to go over the Body Gospel workout of the day. It became a tool to bring people together, and not just for “munchies”, but through exercise, through changing lives and by getting closer to God.

I tried the program early last year, I wanted to find out first had what was Body Gospel about. Here is my personal Body Gospel Review.

What is Body Gospel?

Body Gospel is a workout program that gets you to work on your whole body. The program was created by Donna Richardson Joyner, remember Buns of Steel? This is a 30 day program.

The core of this workout program is: strength training, cardio training and flexibility training. The key attraction to this program is that all the music is Gospel music. This is a workout to praise God, to thank God and through God to you lose weight and get fit.

What I liked about the program

  • The bands that come with it, are a great concept
  • Body Gospel is light weight, yet it makes you sweat
  • This program has different levels, so you can follow different people depending on how good a shape you are
  • The fitness cards, I will explain later on
  • The Body Gospel Journal

What I did not like about the program

  • After listening to the music for couple of weeks, I realized one thing, I do not like Gospel music! I talked to God and said, no offense here, but this is not for me. It is quite funny, because I do go to church every Sunday, I do believe in God and I do believe in my Guardian Angels. Yet, I could not stand the music anymore. I think heavy metal would have been better!

    Body Gospel By Donna Richardson 1

    Body Gospel By Donna Richardson 1

  • The exercise bands though great concept, after couple of weeks they keep snapping off my feet. I am not sure if this was operator error or a design error.

As I said in other reviews, we all differ in tastes, maybe you love Gospel music and this will be just like sent from heaven.

Body Gospel Fitness Cards and Journal


One of the things I really like was the fitness cards, as they gave meaning to the exercises. Through the workouts you perform different routines each routine is tight to a gesture or action towards God. You get routines like the Hallelujah Hands, the Praise Arms, the Praise Lunges and my favorite Heart to Heaven.

Another thing that is great is the Body Gospel Journal. You get to check into your weekly goals (spiritual, fitness and personal) each day. Each day you get:

  1. Personal Inspiration Note
  2. Scripture of the day
  3. Goal tracker
  4. A motivator checklist
  5. A note to give thanks

Body Gospel Customer Reviews

As with other programs I wanted to see what others were saying about the program. Here is a summary of what I found at the three place currently selling the product. There are not many reviews, but most of them are positive as you can read below.

Body Gospe Reviews What Customers Are saying

Body Gospe Reviews What Customers Are saying

Is this Donna Richardson’s Body Gospel program for you?

If you want to get closer to God, if you enjoy Gospel music and you want a new way to lose weight and be fit, this program is definitely for you. The program is affordable and comes with a money back guarantee.  If you are not totally into Gospel music, you might want to try some other program, perhaps Rockin’ Body or Hip Hop Abs.

Where to Buy Body Gospel?

You can get it through Amazon: Body Gospel Workout DVD Program: Inspire Your Soul & Transform Your Body

Or just click and get it directly from Beach Body: Get Body Gospel Now

Remember you always get a money back guarantee.

Hope you enjoyed my Body Gospel Review, if you have any questions, send me an e-mail. Thanks!

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