Brazil Butt Lift By Leandro Carvalho Review

Brazilian Butt Lift By Leandro Carvalho

Brazilian Butt Lift By Leandro Carvalho

If you are trying to get that round and firm butt, Brazil Butt Lift might be just what you are looking for. This DVD set comes from trainer Leandro Carvalho. Carvalho is recognized as the “Brazilian Butt Master”.

Carvalho brings with him the experience of working with super models and lingerie models helping them to bring that butt to camera perfection.

What I liked about the program

  • It is well structured
  • It contains basic and advanced moves to help you shape your butt
  • The fat burning guide: it does provide you with ideas on fat burning foods and how to mix them to create recipes. I like the recipes
  • The 6-day super model slim down, it is a nice guide for those days when you need something fast.

What I did not like about Brazil Butt Lift

  • I honestly found the programs kind of boring. I felt like I was doing a 20 year old program. It reminded me of the series buns of steel (you can see how old I am now) and I actually like buns of steel
  • I thought that because it was a Brazilian workout, I would be dancing and having fun. I did not dance. And I really did not enjoy it
  • The video sound is not as good as other programs
  • The keep changing from a beach setting to an studio setting, that it did not make sense to me
  •  Quite frankly, Carvalho annoyed me

This plan is a lot of work, but I’m enjoying it. It’s fun and kind of silly and that makes it easier for me to stick to. As for the 6-day slim down; I’m a vegetarian, so I used substitutions, but I lost 8 pounds in 5 days. I wasn’t expecting it to work at all, but it’s worked better than anything else at keeping me exercising. I don’t think this plan is for everyone – I didn’t have much weight to loose when I started (15 lbs), I really just wanted a work out that I liked and could do at home. Startz, Amazon

What kind of results should you expect?

  • In one of my other reviews, I said that I had returned some programs using the 30-day money back guarantee offer by Beachbody. Well, Brazil Butt lift is a program that I returned.
  • For me, it was just too much repetition and the excitement was not there. Remember, this is just my opinion, and you and I might not like the same things.
  • Did I see results? I returned it without having any noticeable results, like a rounded butt. However, there were close to 200 people that gave this program a 5 star rating.

Customer Reviews

  • I wanted to see what other customers were rating this set. This program is sold in few shopping networks. Here are the summary of the ratings at the time of this posting.
  • Like in life there were people that gave the program a 5.0 with excellent remarks and results. The lower ratings came from people that found the program silly, or hard to follow, as the transitions from one move to the next are not easy to do.
Brazilian Butt Lift Customer Reviews

Brazilian Butt Lift Customer Reviews

What does the program include?

The Brazil Butt Lift DVD set has 3 DVDs and which you will find the following workouts:

  • The signature workout for this set is called the Bum Bum, and from many of the reviewers this is probably the favourite of most. It is around 35 minutes and seems to be the most effective of all.
  • The High & Tight workout as the name says it targets the butt and the tights. For this workout you will be needing resistance bands and if possible ankle weights.
  • The Sculpt program is about whole body toning, it incorporates free weights.
  • The Cardio Axe, that I thought going to be the fun one, as it is more like cardio dancing, brings the cardio to the program.
  • Tummy Tuck targets the tummy, it is 15 minutes long.

The Brazil Butt Lift includes the Booty Makeover Guide, the Fat Burning Food Guide (that I really enjoy, as it does gives you good ideas), the Booty Basics video, and the Triangle Training Workout Cards. You will get the resistance band as part of the package.

Would you need anything else?
If you want to make the workout a bit more intense, you can buy ankle and wrist weights.

Brazil Butt Lift Results 1

Brazil Butt Lift Results 1


After reading so many great reviews and people really having results, perhaps I should have giving the program another try. But, I did not want to lose my money, so I returned it. I think if the instructor did not annoy me, I would have kept it.

There are people they found him entertaining and even sexy.

So, if you need a butt lift, well certainly this program will be much cheaper and safer than the actual procedure and with money back guarantee, you could certainly try by yourself and if you find it is not for you, return it. You have nothing to lose!

If you are ready to try, click the image below to get your package today!

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