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Nothing To Do With Belly Fat! Just Love Polar Bears

Hi, This post has nothing to do with belly fat, I just happened to love polar bears and I just found this video.. Isn’t this adorable? Love BEARS! You can actually adopt a bear.. check this link Adopt A Bear

10 Most Important Tips for Losing Weight Fast and Effectively

Tip #1 – Plan your meals! Planning your meals ahead of time is a very important key to losing weight in any method of weight loss. Planning your meals ahead of time will not only eliminate any unhealthy eating habits but will also give you an idea of what to consume and what not to …

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Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat At Home

If you want to find a way to exercises to reduce belly fat, and you want to do it at home, read on. Most people feel that in order to get a good workout, they must join a gym and pay a monthly membership fee. While gyms are great and offer lots of equipment, an …

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Remembering Steve Jobs

This is an odd thing to place in my blog, but my heart was sadden yesterday as we heard the news of Steve Jobs dying from cancer. It just makes you think, deep inside you. 1) He had the money 2) He had the innovation and intelligence yet, as some few close friends now, he …

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DVD3: How To Lose Belly Fat For Women Using RevAbs

Burn That Belly Fat with RevAbs, this is the set ready with exercises to lose belly fat.   9 Workouts on 7 DVDs: •Abcentrics and How To Capoeira. Rev up your results by firing your abs throughout every workout, and learn Capoeira moves for full-body fat burning. (Approx. 35 min.) •Fire Up Your Abs. Calorie-scorching …

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