How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat, You Can Do It!

Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat, You Can Do It!

Finding out how to get rid of lower belly fat is a common problem that many of us struggle with through our lives. Not only belly fat is dangerous to our health as seen in our trending charts for obesity and cardiovascular diseases, excessive belly fat can be detrimental to both confidence levels and self-esteem.

It is a problem that many of us have, yet it is a problem that can be solved by changing few things in our daily lives and our daily routines.

Here you will find key tips that will help you get rid of lower belly fat for good!

Change Your Diet

  • The first thing we need to do while finding out how to get rid of lower belly fat, is to change our diet.  The phrase “you are what you eat” is not a joke. If you eat food containing high levels of the wrong kind of fat and you do not exercise, well you can imagine what happens.
  • I would suggest you clear your kitchen from processed foods as they are loaded with the bad fats, sodium and many loaded with sugar too. I did that long time ago. It is the simplest way to jump start your new life. Get rid of the things that make you fat. Replace them with good healthy items.
  • Increase intake of protein rich foods such as beans, chicken and fish. I eat a lot of meat, specially when I do extreme exercises, my body needs protein. You should also eat a lot of green leafy vegetables. You will notice that your trips to the supermarket are specially short. You will only buy items from the perimeter of the market. I go to the supermarket, get chicken, beef, eggs and a salad and I am done!
  • One key item that for me did wonders, I took away bread from my diet, specifically gluten containing bread. I noticed that as soon as I eat bread, my stomach goes big. Remove bread, the stomach goes down. Try it out.

One way to get rid of lower belly fat, and many are using, is to cleanse your body off toxins using a colon cleansing protocol


Find the right exercise routine for you

Losing lower belly fat could be challenging, if you are not doing the right exercise for you. As long as you are committed to do it, it would be possible. In this sense, it is important to choose an exercise program that can provide you with the best results possible and an exercise that you enjoy.

Keep in mind that some of the best exercises to get rid of belly fat are the ones that are not particularly targeted to the belly, but the whole body.

  • When you are picking up a program to reduce belly fat, pick a program that is fun and that will help you reducing fat all over the body. I also would suggest that the program include some resistance training, since now more than ever is clear that building muscles will help you get rid of fat all over your body.
  • If you are serious about it, I would suggest you pick my favorite program: Rockin’ Body by Shaun-T. Rockin Body is really a lot of fun, it makes you sweat all while you dance. My favorite routines are “Rockit Out” and “Booty Time,” love, love the music! And the beat just makes you feel invigorated.
  • We know dancing is of course a cardiovascular exercise. While you dance, Shaun-T, the trainer, introduces you to some of the best strength training exercises I have done, and all while dancing! The program is just fun and also addictive. The program also come with a nutritional guide, this is really important, changing your diet to a healthy diet will be pretty simple.
  • Seriously, picking up a fun exercise is key. You do not have to dance, you could walk, you could run, you could do you Martial Arts, there are so many fun ways to get your exercise done. I like the videos because they are simple to implement, I do not have to go to the gym and waste all that time. But, you could go to the gym and get into some fat loss exercise program,  kick boxing is a fun way to exercise. You can get a personal trainer if you can afford that selection. You could join a ball room dancing club. Or if you a new mom, check around your community, in my area they have clubs for moms. I see them with their baby strollers walking and running around the park everyday.


Why do we have lower belly fat?

The fat inside our stomach is stored fat that the body could not utilize. The stored fat serves as emergency source of energy that is why it is difficult to burn. Some studies have related lower belly fat with high cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, meaning we activate the hormone that produces Cortisol when we are stressed.

Now, you need to find what relaxes you, what removes the stress for you.

For me, is dancing. For you? Could it be reading, walking at the beach, talking to your friends, enjoying a comedy movie? Finding ways of relaxation is key.

We can say that the more we are stressed out, the more we accumulate fat. That is an important reason to learn to relax and find activities that will help us reduce stress.

Find the way to relax and enjoy a flatter belly!

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