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Looking for Hip Hop Abs Reviews? Or maybe just simple and fun exercises to lose belly fat? Many of us think about how to lose belly fat quite frequently. As I got older and saw my aging friends start to get that muffin top, I swore to myself it would not happen to me, but it did!  I panicked and started my quest to get a fun way to get rid of belly fat.

I tried many things and at the end I concluded that one of the easiest ways to lose that muffin top is actually by the way of Shaun-T and his programs Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body. Keep reading to find out the pros and the cons of Hip Hop Abs.

Here you will find Hip Hop Abs Reviews. I have done Hip Hop Abs in the past and now I mainly doing Rockin’ Body.

What is Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is a complete workout routine that come with a nutritional guide (so that part of the equations is covered). Hip Hop Abs comes from the trainer Shaun T. I find him really funny and entertaining in this program, I think you will agree with me when you have the chance to try the workouts.

Below you will find a combination of Hip Hop Abs Reviews: my personal experience and also a table of customer’s ratings that I gathered from the top networks selling this product.

Hip Hop Abs has the right combination of fun and methodical exercises to get you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. The exercises used to lose belly fat here, are quite effective, and the fact that you are dancing while doing your exercises makes this a win-win situation.

Hip Hop Abs: The Pros:

  • The program is based on the premise that you will burn belly fat without spending any time on the floor doing crunches, sit ups, etc. Does this sound good to you? Personally, I rather dance than do crunches.
  • Hip Hop Abs delivers on that promise, and if you love to dance, you will find this program exciting and the routines included will be your dancing abs routines from now on. People wanting simple and easy exercises to lose fat are in for a treat.
  • During some of the routines you are totally drenched and do not even feel like you are exercising, as you are just dancing.



  • I like the moves. Shaun T is a great dancer and at the end of the program you will have become one too. I think I have.
  • Anytime I feel like I need a lift, I push play to work out with Shaun T, and suddenly the world is a better place. I am serious! The music is uplifting.

Hip Hop Abs: The Cons

  • If you prefer Country Music, or Salsa or Heavy Metal and can not stand more hip music, you might not like the music in this program. Perhaps the music in Rockin’ Body is more appealing to you. Though you can always have your own music and mute your television.

What should you expect? 

  • The program is set up around the 30-day mark, which you can auto schedule at W.O.W.Y.
  • The workouts are fun, a lot of fun. I like some routines better than others, but overall they are all fun.
  • Be prepared to sweat like crazy (specially if you are a beginner) and of course to burn belly fat!
  • Hip Hop Abs is a total body workout, so you will be working on your arms, legs, belly fat, and booty!
  • Check out the video section of my website to see examples of men and women like you and I showing off their new abs! I am positive that you will find someone who you will connect to.
  • For me the key is that you will see the reduction of fat all over your body. You body will be toned and fit.

Is Hip Hop Abs for you?

  • This program can be done by anybody. It is simple and effective.
  • Unless you are already active, I would suggest starting with Hip Hop Abs and then moving up to Rockin’ Body. And maybe graduate to Insanity.
  • With other programs like for instance Insanity you  must be in a decent shape to start the program. With Hip Hop Abs, you do not have that requirement. You can start the program regardless of your fitness level.

Customer Hip Hop Abs Reviews



As with other reviews, I want to make sure you have information on what others are saying about the programs. I can be a little too happy about the routines.

You can find the Hip Hop Abs Reviews  at the three different shopping sites, here is a summary based on information available at the time I posted this article.

Please note that QVC no longer carries this product.

Customer Reviews From Network 1:

“All I can say is try it for at least a month. At first I was like thats it with the ab workout but in the middle of the workout you can really start to feel the burn if you do it right. I already see results and if you like dancing this is perfect for you. One other thing Shaun T keeps you motivated through-out the workout.” Kimmie

And here is another one, check the update at the end of the post, her son is also doing the program with her, cool huh! As you can see, this program is for all ages. I am 45 and I enjoy every minute of it.

“I do Taebo and Yoga. I find this workout not as strenuous as Taebo, and it doesn’t burn more calories than Taebo. I burn around 551-790 calories doing Taebo. Hip Hop Abs I burn 495-515 calories. Both are good workouts to burn, its just a matter of preference. I do like that this video is hip and you DANCE! Which I love to dance. The moves are fairly easy and even if you have two left feet, you can still do Hip Hop Abs! Shaun T cueing is awesome, so you won’t get lost! His personality keeps me laughing and it’s infectious! He is effeminate but so lovable! This is a great workout for the entire family. They will Enjoy it as well! Highly recommend! BTW: Hip Hop Abs DOES work the ABS, if you are doing it correctly. My Abs were sore! 

update: My son is as skinny as a toothpick, but he always ask me if I’m doing hip hop abs workout so that he can do it with me. He does it for fun!!! TBrook

Hip Hop Abs Customers Ratings

Hip Hop Abs Customers Ratings

Hip Hop Abs last minute questions?

1.- What do the programs include?

  • The Hip Hop Abs DVD4 set
  • Nutrition Guide: Key to Any Program
  • Quick-Start Guide,
  • 24/7 on-line support.

2.- Do you need anything else? No, just put in the DVD and get moving!

3.- What kind of guarantee does the program have? The programs come with a 30-day guarantee.

I hope you enjoyed the Hip Hop Abs Reviews, it is a fun program.

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