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Does the P90X work? I could just end this article with “Yes,” because that’s all that really needs to be said. It doesn’t sometimes work or only work for certain people – it just works. For everyone. But you deserve to know the why and how. And like all great exercise programs, P90X works because of a fairly simple formula: exercise plus a healthy diet equals an ideal physique. There is no magic bullet here. It has been working out for men and women of all ages. Here is why:


  • A lot of workout programs out there put you through exercises that seem difficult at first, but after a week they turn into more of a boring routine that’s easy to accomplish. If you’re preparing yourself for the same type of exercises when you start P90X, you need to adjust your mindset and fast. Because the P90X program will kick your butt if you don’t.
  • The intensity of the P90X workouts is unrivaled. (Okay, maybe only by Insanity!) From day 1 to day 90, you’re going to be sweating, out of breath and sore. Each day brings on a new challenge, thanks to the enormous library of exercises found on the 12 DVDs. One day might be a 60-minute cardio session, and the next day you’ll be struggling to keep up with Tony Horton as he pushes you to your limits with resistance training.
  • The intensity of the P90X workouts is a large reason why the program works. If you’re constantly challenging your body and making it work harder and harder, it’s natural to assume that you’re going to get in shape. But there’s another reason why the program has yet to fail anyone who goes faithfully through with it.


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  • The P90X program markets itself as a sweat-inducing, fat-burning, muscle-building 90-day exercise program, but it also comes with a meal plan. Because you can go
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    along with Tony and perform the exercises as much as you want, but you’re not going to get anywhere unless you buckle down and eat healthy.

  • The meal plan is separated into 3 different plans, each helping you in various ways. One meal plan may focus on shredding fat, while another focuses on building muscle. They work in unison to help you achieve the perfect physique.
  • And in case you’re wary of the provided meal plans – and I can’t blame you if you are, seeing what other workout programs offer – these meals are tasty, affordable and easy to make. You won’t have to eat bland tofu that looks like something out of a jungle.

Finding the “click”

Asking yourself does P90X work is something we all should do before buying the program, any program for that matter. Once you have the facts, you need something to help you pick up the program and push the play button, I am talking about the “click”. I believe that the “click” will come once we find “the” reason to commit to the program.

  • Sometimes it takes a health challenge: diabetes, a heart condition, high cholesterol, or an urgent phone call from a doctor.
  • Sometimes it takes the fact that we cannot play with our kids because we are too overweight to keep up with them.
  • Sometimes it might just be pure vanity, such as your upcoming 10/20/30 year reunion and desire to be the one with the best body shape.


If you do not have a reason why yet, go deep inside your heart, mind and soul and look for the “click”. Find that really good reason and make a commitment to yourself.

Bottom Line

Does P90X work? P90X goes above and beyond. It doesn’t just work. It transforms your body into a sculpted statue. You won’t have to feel bad about taking off your shirt at the beach anymore or wearing those tight fitting clothes, because the P90X program will change your life. It changed mine.

You must to do your part, it is not a magic pill. You need to be committed and you need to be determined. You are committing your time and effort to make a lasting change in your life.

 Find your reason, commit to the program, and enjoy the results!


P90x Program

P90x Program

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