The Best Protein Shakes For Women: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Reviews

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Chocolate

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Chocolate

Sometimes finding the best protein shakes for women can be daunting, I think I finally got THE one for me, and hopefully for you too.

In this collection of Amazing Grass Green Super food Reviews I am attempting to convey my excitement over these gems I recently found.

I have tried many, many protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. I am always looking for more than anything a shake I can take in the morning before I go to work and a shake that can lift me up around the dreaded 3:00 pm mark, when you usually crash and need something to pick you up.

As a women, my quest for finding the best protein shakes has been a continuous battle: 

  • Some provide you with too many extra calories
  • Some might provide you with a terrible taste!
  • In many cases I found myself with shakes that provide me with a terrible after taste!
  • Some shakes got me bloated!
  • And some just made me throw up!

Does this sound familiar to you? You have been on this road before haven’t you?

Avoid shakes with too many chemicals

And I am not even talking about the shakes that had so many additives that you can not pronounce that make you wonder how can they be selling them. I have turned to a more health embracing life, so shakes loaded with chemicals and additives are out of the question for me. Turn to the back of the shakes currently in your pantry, if you find the other ingredients section with more that 5 ingredients, it can not be good.

Finding the new Amazing Grass Shakes

To my surprise by walking the aisles at my favorite Health store, I noticed this new shake (at least it was new to me at that moment). The name is Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Green Super Food, coming from a company famous for the using Green Super Foods in their products. From what I researched this company has been in business since 2007. I just happened to find them in 2012!

The product first caught my attention from the use of amazing green super foods, as I was looking for something with that in mind. I read the list of ingredients and I was, okay, I can try this.

The list of Amazing Grass ingredients included items like:

  • Acai
  • Antioxidant Fruit And Vegetable Blend
  • Digestive Enzyme And Active Culture Pro-biotic Blend
  • Goji Berries
  • Greens Blend
  • Hemp Protein
  • Maca
  • Organic Flax Seed Powder
  • Protein Blend
  • Wheat Grass

Note that when I look for a protein shake, I look for products that will provide me with more than just protein and vitamins, but essential nutrients that my body needs. For me those nutrients are:

  • The enzymes for easy digestion
  • If possible have some pro-biotics for immune support
  • And lastly, fiber

to my liking Amazing Meals Shakes had all of the above! So, I took a couple of each of the flavors.

The Amazing Greens Amazing Meal Shakes include the following flavors:

  • Original
  • Chocolate Infusion
  • Pomegranate Mango Infusion
  • Vanilla Chai Infusion

And I guess they were launching the Vanilla Chai Infusion and that is why the special display!

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion

In the following trip to the health store I was going to buy the container however, I decided to try the brand next to it too. I took more packages of Amazing Meals and also got samples packets of one brand that suppose to be the competition Vega One (I took chocolate and vanilla flavors home).

I have to say, i drank the Vega Ones because I already paid for them, but, the taste was not that good. What was even worst was the after taste! This has Stevia leaf, and I can not stand the after taste of Stevia.

Based of that I would not recommend Vega One. However, if you like the Stevia taste, you might want to give Vega One a try.

What I like about the Amazing Meal Amazing Grass Shake

  • The first good impression comes while opening the packages, you can actually smell the fruits! That was something, I had never experience such a nice aroma coming from a protein shake or a meal replacement shake.
  • The second good impression was the taste. First I tried the Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion, that was great! I did not add anything, just water and that is it. So, to be able to say that tasted good, that is something.
  • The third good impression came after I finished, no aftertaste? Cool!
  • Last but not least important was the fact that I did not feel bloated after taking the shake.

What I did not like about the Amazing Meal Amazing Grass Shakes

  • Mainly the price, they are kind of expensive. Not as expensive as the shake my doctor recommended but, still. Each packet cost me 2.69, the Vega One cost me 2.99. In the other hand, these are meant to be a meal replacement shake so, a meal for 2.69 that provides you with such list of ingredients, is not that bad.
  • The vanilla one has, what I think are pieces of vanilla beans, so if you do not mix properly, the black pebbles will end up on your teeth! The first time that happened I had made the shake and took it with me on my trip out to the cleaners. I noticed the lady was giving weird stares, but I had no idea why, until I got home and found myself in front of the mirror! Holy.. c! I looked like a dork! with my black pebbles all over my teeth!

Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion

  • My favorite flavor was the Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion, that was a treat! I think I will pick the chocolate flavor to be my picker upper at 3:00 pm. Rich chocolate taste.
  • I also added a banana some of the times and it tasted pretty good.
  • Add rice milk and brings the flavor even better

Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion

  • This flavor is good for mixing with other fruits, like banana, orange juice, apple juice

    Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Pomegranate and Mango Infusion

    Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Pomegranate and Mango Infusion

  • Works well with just water and it will work with rice milk too
  • One time, I had a packet with me. I was driving home but I got too hungry. Stopped at a mall, looked for a juice place and asked if they can blend orange juice and the shake. They did. Tasted good and that kept satisfied until I got home

Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango Infusion

  • You open this packet and you get such a wonderful smell
  • The taste is pretty good just mixing with water

Amazing Meal Original

  • This was the least favorite, too “green” tasting for me. Oddly enough, as I had started the search for green super foods and that was what caught my attention.

Keep in mind that the Key Amazing Grass Green Super food is included in all the flavors above. I am given independent reviews for all the different flavors, yet the basic green super food ingredients are the same.

This video explains a little bit about Amazing Grass and how they have been working on Green Super Foods for a while. How they got into the business, however, one of the founder’s family has been doing this for over 60 years.

My final thoughts

I wrote this post because I am excited to find these shakes and I wanted to share with you. I probably mix them up with some of the other shake I like, but Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Green Super Food Shakes are now my favorite.

Personally, I got a tube of chocolate and one of vanilla, for when I am at home and the vanilla packets for when I am out. I guess I can always put the powder in a sandwich bag, but that makes a mess. I decided on vanilla for the packets to go, as they are much easier to find something to mix them with: orange  juice, apple juice, etc.

I am working on finding the best deal around, and this is my recommendation:

  1. Click here to go to the Amazing Grass website. In the website you could go to the section call Grass Heads. Grass Heads is the auto delivery program. If you set up the auto delivery program, you really get the best value as you get an additional discount of 20% and also free shipping with any order size. Free shipping is usually available for orders over $75.00. but, with the grass head program it is good for any size order.
  2. You can also click here, Amazing Grass, and browse their website. When you are ready to buy, you will be presented with two tabs. Select recurring order, select how often you would like your order to be delivered to you and add that to the cart. You are now part of the Grass Heads.
  3. Get the 30 day supply as this is the best price of all. If you are going to buy two flavors, you could set up the auto delivery for 60 days. And if you are going to buy 3 flavors, set the auto delivery for 90 days.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

Amazing Grass Drink Your Greens

Amazing Grass Drink Your Greens


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