RevAbs Reviews

REVABS REVIEW Program by Brett Hoebel

REVABS REVIEW Program by Brett Hoebel

You might have heard about RevAbs and now are looking for an in depth RevAbs Review. Or you might be simply looking for some exercises to lose belly fat and reveal a flat mid-section. This program is great for men wanting to get a six pack and for women wanting a flat belly area.

My mission is to help people find their way to lose that belly and to be proud at the beach!  As in life, we do not have the same likes and tastes, my way might not be your favorite way. In this post I present to you a program that is focused on the abs, yet provides a total body work out. Here you will find the pros and cons of RevAbs.

As you know the name  of the program is RevAbs and the instructor is Brett Hoebel.

I actually met Brett last year at one of the Beachbody functions. He is really cool and boy he does have great abs! We had a training session early in the morning, he is the one that made me change my workout schedule to morning time (for a while).

You may have heard about him from his appearance on the Biggest Loser program. He became one of the two new coaches for season 2011. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting his program because he is now a famous star, but because I have personally used the program and I know the program works. He has specific moves and exercises to help you lose belly fat.

Introduction to RevAbs Reviews

As the name indicates, the program focuses on the abs, so if you are looking to lose belly fat, following this program does exactly that. I would add that this program does more than just work on the abdominal muscles. According to Brett, you actually need to burn fat all over your body to get those precious abs. The program itself is not as intense as P90X or Insanity, so if you are not ready for the big guns, this one will do wonders for your midsection.

Brett Hoebel is fun and what I like about him is that he really wants to make a difference in this world. The program is called RevAbs because he believes we need a fitness REVolution, as we are getting fatter and fatter as a country. He would be happy that you are willing to do your part and you are looking for tips and exercises to lose belly fat.

I should note that the program is equally good for men and women. I have to add that I second Brett’s call for a fitness REVolution, mainly as a voice for our kids. Have you seen the recent trends on child obesity and child diabetes? We need to stop that.

As adults, we need to set an example for our children. I am so glad you are here, looking to make your own difference, and hopefully to make the difference for someone else close to you as well.

What should you expect with this training program?

revabs reviews get ripped 1

Rev Abs Reviews get ripped 1

  • The program is divided in two phases of 45 days each, for a total of 90 days.
  • Mid-level intensity, meaning you can keep up with the exercises without running out of breath
  • Expect to do a lot of lunges and ab work on the floor.
  • If you have issues with your knees, you must be super careful because you will be doing lunges for a long time.
  • Routines for cardiovascular and strength training and what Brett calls the Rev Zone, which is a period when you go as fast and as far as you can, increasing your heart rate.

Will you be able to lose belly fat with this program?

The results will come, but you might not see them right away. I was a little frustrated in the beginning, and was thinking, “Is this really working?” However, as I came to the end of the month, I started seeing the results: firmer abs, leaner arms and leaner legs. My suggestion is to stay put. Do not doubt that the program is working, and when you enter the second phase, you will be able to show the world what you have been doing for the last 30 days! You can see examples of before and after pictures in the video section on this site.

REVABS: The Pros

  • The programs incorporates different type of routines: cardiovascular exercises with strength training, making it a complete package for a total body transformation
  • The Rev Zone is an added benefit if you want to ramp up your fat burning capability
  • The routines are not as long as some other programs
  • You do not need to buy any equipment, simple resistance bands or weights will do

REVABS: The Cons

  • Long series of lunges and squats
  • A lot of time on the floor doing ab exercises

Here you will find a video that shows you all the different moves that you will be doing. I specially like the ones that involve kicking and punching, I love anything Martial Arts. The Capoiera moves come in the second part of the program. If you are a beginner, it is okay to start with this program, you just have to follow the person doing the modified routines that day. And perhaps when you go to the REV Zone you do not have to go as fast as they go. Or, you just skip it altogether at the start.



You probably want to know if this program is actually for you

brett hoebels revabs 1

brett hoebels revabs 1

Any person can start this program, as it is not as intense as P90X or Insanity. You start at your own pace and will see a difference within a few weeks. I, for one, I could not do the jumping jacks during the first two weeks, but as I continued with the program, they became easier and easier.

  • The only warning I have is that if you have problems with your knees, keep an eye on the form and do not over-extend your knees. Brett provides good instructions, make sure you follow them.
  • You will be spending a lot of time on the floor doing abdominal exercises and routines, so if you do not like to be on the floor doing crunches and sit-ups, this video may not be for you.
  • If you would rather be dancing as you lose belly fat, I have the perfect answer in my article Rockin’ Body Review.

RevAbs Customer’s Reviews

The program was launched in 2010 and the reviews are not as plentiful as with older programs. I was actually surprised that on one site, the average rating for this program was not great. On one shopping site, the rating for the program is 3 out of 5, which is not stellar. I only found 15 reviews.

After reading the reviews, I noticed that people were comparing it to P90X and Insanity. Let’s face it this is like trying to compare a runner with a walker. If you are already a runner, you will not be satisfied by being a walker. P90X and Insanity are a different type of program. Keep that in mind.

On the second shopping network site, the rating was 4.4 out of 5, with 48 reviews. Here, the two most negative reviews give the program 2 out of 5 stars, one saying again that after P90X and Insanity, this was not it, and the second who prefers workouts with more music.

RevAbs Customer Ratings 2

Rev Abs Customer Ratings 2

Please do keep in mind, that if you have already completed P90X or Insanity, this might not cut it for you as  you are already in a much higher level of fitness and at a higher intensity level. If you are looking to move up from Insanity or P90x, I would you suggest you move to Insanity Asylumor to the new P90X that was just recently launched, the name: P90X2: The Next P90X.

If you have not tried either program before, this is a good program to start. Not as difficult and definitely complete.

What would you get with the program?

  • What does Brett Hoebel offers in this program? You will get the DVD set, which includes 9 Workouts on 7 DVDs (Workout REVABS DVD PROGRAM).
  • A written guide with personal tips from Brett, his secrets to keep you going on a daily basis, and information on the fight against obesity in America.
  • Nutrition Guide. Remember that with any effort regarding how to reduce belly fat, nutrition is crucial. You must look for programs that give you a guide so you do not feel lost as you move along with the program.
  • A wall calendar to keep you on track. You also get a poster of Brett’s Abs, and that I might add, is awesome. I have that poster taped to my wall! Pure motivation!

Do you need anything else?

  • Some routines on the videos use weights, so if you have some, good, and if not, that’s fine too. If you want to buy weights, check your local store or click here for the adjustable weights review. I just use bands.
  • You do not need the recovery formula for this because the intensity level is not there to justify it.

Ordering/Shipping/Guarantee Information: click the link OP

I want to do my part to get this world healthier, and I hope you find this information useful. Take the next step!

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