Shaun T Rockin’ Body Reviews

Rockin' Body Results

Rockin' Body Results

If you want to know more about Shaun T’s Rockin Body Program, in this Rockin Body Reviews you will find an in depth and personal report about the program.

I have taken some time to write this review, although this is the program that I come to anytime I need a quick fix. And I am sure you will be able to use it not only to reduce belly fat, but to keep up you gains through the years.

Read on to get to know the ins and outs of this program.

This program has made such a difference in my life as I can turn to Shaun T and Rockin’ Body any time:

  • I am feeling down and I need a lift
  • I am too tired to actually do any other workout
  • I am too sick to even think about trying other things

As you might have read in other of my reviews, the pasts years have been challenging, and the end of 2011 I hope it meant the end of the assaults on my health. I have used Rockin’ Body to both lose the weight and maintain the gains.

What Is Rockin’ Body?

It is an exercise program developed by Shaun T as a follow up to his series Hip Hop Abs. The basis of the program is that Shaun-T uses dancing routines to tone your body and help you lose belly fat.  While performing the routines, you will be doing aerobics exercises and well as strength training exercises. There is a routine where you do some push ups, but apart from that, the routines are done while dancing.

Why Would You Love Rockin’ Body

  • It is meant to be a total body workout
  • It is fun, as you dance your way to a new body
  • It has routines that are short, for those days you are short on time
  • The music is well coordinated with the exercises you are trying to do
  • You do not have to even change to sports clothes, you can dance in your underwear!

 An honest opinion on rockin body (i do not work for beach body nor am I a coach). Rockin Body is a REALLY fun workout and Shaun T is a lot of fun to work out with. I can honestly say it is the first workout I have done in a long time that I smiled and had fun the whole way through, even the long 45 minute videos were lots of fun so i don’t mind doing them. Shaun does fly through the workouts but there is a modifier in all of the routines that slows things down if you need it. I would say if you are looking for something different and fun give this a try. I hope Shaun T comes out with more videos like these!! Krissy, Amazon.com

What Is Not That Hot About Shaun T’s Rocikin Body

Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about the program. The only thing that I can think of, is that if you do



not like the music, you might not enjoy the program, but you can always turn off the volume and play your own music, I suppose.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect

I have used this routine for both losing weight and I use it to maintain my weight. As you can see from the pictures around and the video, you can lose fat, lose weight and tone, not just your belly, but your whole body. Of course, you must change the way you eat, there is no way around that. Rockin’ Body comes with a nutrition guide too.

My Favorite Routines

  • Booty Time: This video is dedicated, you guessed it, to our gracious booty. The exercises are fun and the music is great. You will get into the “Dirty Wind” this is quite entertaining step.
  • Hard-Core Abs: This is my all time favorite. This is 12 minutes dedicated to the abs. The beauty of this routine is that you never go on the floor to do crunches or anything like that. You are dancing, breaking the sweat and you can feel you abs working. The tempo in this routine is matching exactly what you are trying to accomplished. It is an efficient and effective routine.

  • Rock It Out: This is a total body routine, it is around 45 minutes. You do use some weights, however, you can even have some soup cans for this. In the middle of the routine you do some push ups and planks, but if you are not up for it, just skip it (like I do). You will sweat like crazy, but you will have fun.


This program is a great workout and loads of fun. It’s both motivating and effective. I’m 46 and it’s not as easy as it used to be to keep up my fitness, but I get great visible results with Rockin’ Body. It also helped me get set for hiking in the mountains last summer — it really toned and strengthened my legs and cardio. I could wish for a few more routines to keep mixing it up, but I would thoroughly recommend it. Chris, Beachbody.com


Tips While Doing Rockin’ Body

  • When you are doing arms exercises, make sure you do have something in your hands. You might not have weights in your home, but pick something else: I use the remote controls for the television. It just makes the exercise perform different holding to something.
  • There were times when I was too sick, so I just did my best. Sometimes Shaun T was going too fast, the tempo was too fast for me, I just go into it at a slower tempo.
  • In some of the routines you do have to jump, if you can’t at the beginning is okay, just do your best.

Rockin’ Body Customer’s Reviews:

Here is the information I collected from the different networks selling Rockin’ Body. Of course you can always buy it from my site, just click here: Buy Rockin’ Body. As you can see we have overall high rankings for the program, no surprise to me.

Rockin Body Customer Reviews

Rockin Body Customer Reviews

Is This Program For You?

If you like to dance, well even if you do not like to dance, if you like to have fun, this program is for you. The advantage that Rockin’ Body has over other programs is that you really do not feel as if you are “exercising” the time passes, and you are just having fun.

Would You Need Anything Else?

Some of the exercises do use weights, but as I mentioned before, you can use a can of beans! The remotes! Your kids! Just kidding. I personally use weighted gloves and small weights. The weighted gloves came with another program, but I have used them since. I will put some information up under tools and equipment later on. That’s all I can think of, even if you do not use weights or gloves you sill will see results with this program.

For specifics on what do the video set contains, click here: Rockin’ Body Video Set

For specifics on the ordering process, click here: Rocking Body Ordering Process.

I hope you enjoy my Shaun T Rockin’ Body Reviews post and I hope you give this a try. You can get your set risk free as you have a 30 day money back guarantee.




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